VFK Outlet Mall (Updated 4/24/2020)

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Happy Spring Everyone!

The other day @FracturedMemories @Tomorrow @AngelKat and I decide to UPDATE the mall just a tad. We went from the large area for a mall and down sized it. If you would like to join ask one of the people I have tagged. Now lets have a tour...

VFK Outlet Mall Lobby!

2020-04-24 (2)

North Wing:

2020-04-24 (3)

South Wing:

2020-04-24 (9)

West Wing:

2020-04-24 (10)

East Wing:

2020-04-24 (8)

Original Post June 25 2019:

So Saturday was a normal day in a trade room. A group of us started talking about making a lobby of all our stores and making easy access to everyone stores from the trade room....little did we know it would turn into a large community project that is continuing to grow of many shops/stores. Well I wanted to share the project for those who haven't heard about it.

This just the first room alone! 
2019-06-24 07_03_03 AM UncleB - UncleB's VFK Out.let Mall

2019-06-23 05_39_49 PM UncleB - UncleB's VFK Out.let Mall (still under construction)

We already have a second room nearing completion and willing to add another as time goes on!
Fill free to reach out to my self, @FracturedMemories, or @Tomorrow for any info you have on this project!

Did we destroy the original mall? No we did not. In fact if you would like to see the old lobby just ask! We'll be more then happy to take you to the lobby!


  • WHOA cool concept :) id love to walk around and see all the stores
  • This is awesome! Great idea!
  • Thanks guys, such a great idea and thriving community.  Now we can get items that normally are not in the trades...but just sitting their ready for us to fork over our credits.  I LOVE IT!!! 

    Thanks again guys for hosting this!!!

  • The mall Expansion Project is now complete! 

    Mall Expansion

    We are considering options to add a smaller lobby but some of the shops @AngelKat and @Masterheart Built great lobbies that have other stores in it as well! But wanted to give everyone an update about it! Thanks for Visiting!
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    Hi Everyone!

    Just giving you a mid week update! Some changes have come recently to the mall that I want you to be aware of! First, I want to thank @AngelKat for all the hard work she's put into help expand this project. Her lobby is now full and completed! Want to share that with you!

    Kat's Expansion Area

    Secondly!  The teleporter connecting the First Section of the mall to the second part has been relocated to the grassy area below the food court! On top of that we also down sized the food court to make room for a new entrance to another small expansion! 

    Mall Expansion New Teleporter Door

    Small Mall Expansion

    With moving that teleporter it opened a spot for @icywater_princess to open her shop!

    Icy's Store

    That brings the mall to 27 DIFFERENT STORES!!!!

    We hope to stop by and see us soon!

  • Thank you @UncleB for making this possible!  The stores are incredible!  It's really bringing our community together.

    If you'd like to join the Mall just IM @UncleB or message here and he will get you added.  There's still room in the Castle and the new Mini Mall Expansion, take your pick!

  • I'd like to welcome @Artesian and @Nadia to the new Mini Mall Expansion Tent!!

    There's one spot left in the Mini Mall Expansion Tent and lots of places still available in the Castle.
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    woot welcome all! I walked around the stores today, found some good deal and enjoyed seeing all the rooms!!! This has turned into a great community project :)

    It would be great if VFK would allow us to put a porter to the mall in a public room, that way everyone can access it! @VFK_Enigma, @VFK_Vintage @VFK_Brizzie @VFK_MIntie
  • wow how can i enter the stores??? i love this mall
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  • @yellowsummerdaisy usually there is a teleporter in whichever trade room is open that will teleport you to the outlet mall!
  • Tagging @waterfallglow! Join up! :)

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    Made by @bluewiz
    THANK YOU!  

  • How can I request a store location in the mall?
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    Thank you @Purrfect

  • I am interested in possibly adding my store. Is the castle the only place you have left for additional shops?

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  • HBforever said:

    How can I request a store location in the mall?

    waterfallglow said:

    I am interested in possibly adding my store. Is the castle the only place you have left for additional shops?
    Sorry I've been away! If @AngelKat hasn't already added you I am sure we have something for you! LMK

    Again sorry for my lateness LOL
  • I want to go to this mall and waste my entire savings rofl.
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    Is staff willing to add an 'entrance' to the mall??   I can get in.  But I like to shop after hours (claustrophobia, lol).  I think the 'entrance' idea has been asked of staff before, but are they any more willing to provide a port-of-entry to the main mall entrance??  I think the biggest problem is people wondering how to get INTO the mall (assuming everyone knew there was a 'mall' in the first place).  Just asking, thanks UB, it looks great, btw!!

    Editing to add:  VFK has a handful of portals to 'public rooms'.  The genie lamp, the submarine, UFO, etc.  I can't see why they can't make a simple portal to another -public- room, that may lead into the mall 'main entrance' from that room.  If things get out of hand (what can get out of hand in a mall?!), VFK can always pull the plug.  Just noting that VFK already has portals to public rooms.  The addition of a portal for the mall should be a slam/dunk.  IMHO, as always.


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    I'm walking around the mall now and WOW, very impressive everyone!!

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