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  • Wow that's a big list!  I'm not much a trader, but I can tell you the names of the items and then maybe you can get the prices from others! :)
  • @dazzlerdream Ahaha I know ^-^; I've been gone for a very long time lol. If you want to start listing some names, that'd be great. thanks!
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    Top picture the girl is wearing a  
    Navajo Headband with Feather - Girl | Host Item from 2008
    Frost Fairy Hair - Girl | Quest item from playing the frost fairy quest | Still available started early 2014  

    Second picture:
    Weekend Camping Wear - Bandanna - Light Red - Girl | Craft-able with a Pattern - Weekend Camping Wear - Bandanna - Girl | From summer 2014

    I have to run for now, but I will be back with the rest!
  • frost fairy is non trade able, do the quest and you will get the hair easily. 
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    The tree is called Haunted Tree and says it's from October 2013, my guess is either quest or host. Not sure.
    The light blue beret-like hat is called Floppy Angora Hat and it can be crafted, still available. I believe pattern is in gold stamps but not sure. Value can vary, but for the most part worth an ice from what I've seen.
    The dragon pin is called Dragon Castle Dragon Pin and worth can vary, I've seen people willing to trade an ice or more for it. The pin is from the 2016 Dragon Membership, I believe it was only the black dragon that came with it (that's the dragon I had and got pin from.)
    The item below it, is called Cauldron Witch Floor Lamp and was won from puzzles, in particular word search a few years ago. Not sure when it came out.
    The Fish Hat was quest, I think this year. 
    The tree at the bottom is called Haunted Halloween Tree and I believe is host. Unsure of worth, it is from October 2011.

    Reference: 1 ice/ice cream parfait = 1 million VFK credits.
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    Mailbox is from last years mansion prize, those jars are scavenger if I remember correctly, all pumpkin kitties are halloween mansion prizes, blue hair is from frost fairy quest, jacket above the blue fish hat is from the crystal mermaids book rewards "you have to buy the books in order to get them" graveyard watchman I don't remember what he's from.


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    Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far. ^^
  • the lantern mummy was a host prize, the other lanterns were scavenger. sorry i dont know the year
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