QUESTION: can non-members craft the new backpacks?

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hi, this was the thread asking about what places the acorns drop (see list below, ty again pluto!), but i have another question now :0 i was wondering if non-members can craft the new fall backpacks, because all of the dye combinations include red but i thought that was a member color (also, the pattern was in non-members). if anyone knows could they please post an answer here? it would be really appreciated & it would help me out with not wasting time!! ^-^ 

(also i hope u all have a super-duper nice autumn Monday!!)


  • 3 Audubon Lobby 

    2 Dark Forest   2 Wild Woods    2 Tranquil Waterfall   2 Deserted  Desert   2  Tropical Jungle

    4 Castle Entrance  4 Castle Gate   4 Central Square   4 Blacksmith

    4 Merlin's Square    2 inside Merlin

  • tysm pluto!! it is very appreciated ^-^
  • I just had a non member craft the new fall backpack! 
  • thank you so much again!! now i can craft one, woot ^-^
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