Trading New Game Costumes & FX

I’m mainly looking for antiques, but here is my want list. I have one girl costume, one boy costume and one magic available. First come, first serve. I value each at an ice since they’re fairly time consuming to get and the outfits are 10 pieces or more.

* = most wanted

Looking for:
Ghost Spider (Host)
Witch Sign (Host)
Jasper the Late Butler - Active Object - Antique
Circus Monkey Poster - Antique *
Bubbling Cauldron Pin - Antique
Toxic Gas Mask - Antique*
Maleva The Magnificent - Mechanical Fortune Teller - Antique
Haunted Carriage Horse - Antique
Raven's Claw Talisman - Antique
Haunted Painting - Queen of Hearts - Antique *
Haunted Carriage - Antique *
Vintage Town Car - Antique*
Grendel's Claw - Crystal Ball - Antique
Mad Hatter Coat - Boy - Antique

* I need most of Friday’s Antiques as well.


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