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  • HBforever
    1 more day to post your costume, Squid! Tomorrow's the last day to post entries!
    November 22
  • HBforever
    Hi! Do you have a costume for the contest that you'd like to enter? I'm delaying the dead line by 3 more days!
    November 20
  • Hi, I can offer a pumpkin hat and 100K for your host scarf.
    November 6
  • CozyFallWitch
    October 24
  • Holly
    I'll be on tomorrow evening so I can pay my tab! :D
    August 25
  • CalmRider
    July 19
  • don't have that sorry

    February 6
  • iipinkie
    hi (:
    January 27
  • goldenpuppy
    Oh squid I missed your note on my wall, can we make another time to meet?
    January 16
  • Princess_Tropic
    your profile is beautiful!
    January 9
  • BronzeBird

    Hello From VFK

    January 7
  • Awesome_Piper
    i'll be on for the main street party tonight. I'll be on at least an hour before the party. I could meet you at the garden at some point then or within the first few minutes of the party. Would something like that work for you?
    December 2016
  • Awesome_Piper
    yes! i've still got the outfit :)
    December 2016
  • iStella
    Oh phew, that would work great squid!  I accidentally slept in so I would have missed you!  4:00 PM Central time would work great!
    April 2016
  • iStella
    I would totally still love to do the trade!  I have some projects I'm finishing this week, could we plan on meeting monday? I'm like free ALL day that day, let me know if this would work for you!
    April 2016
  • SportyChic
    Hey squid, do you know what jacket your wearing on your profile picture----------------------->
    March 2016