NEW Item, Storage & Feature Ideas! (07-05-2024)



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    Bump ! 

    for a revamp of my hood concept as a White Snow Bunny Hood for the 2024 HOST Hood!!

    for my signature hair to be recolored into a full set and to be 'present' in one of the Christmas memberships (maybe?)

    for some of the features listed above to come to fruition!

    @VFK_Mintie @VFK_Enigma @VFK_Brizzie
    Zanze said:

    BUMPING!! because I saw we got a new search bar feature for the friends list (love it) and would really love to see some of these features come to fruition!

    Also, I really want generic plain containers so I can color coordinate my storage. I don't care how many gold stamps I have to sink into them.

  • BUMP !
  • LOVE LOVE the idea for new clear green house pieces. I think these pieces are so great to work with and clear pieces would be SO useful for building!!
  • Bumping! Love the clear glass idea - would have so many opportunities for great building ideas!
  • Clear glass!!
  • I would really like to organize my rooms in categories. Holidays, Host events, Contests, etc...
  • Bump !
  • Bump for new storage containers & clear glass!
  • Bump !
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