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  • bump, also adding these:

  • I'm interested in these:
    Idk where most of it is from so let me know prices for each item!
    If any you're not accepting credits for, just let me know and I'll look through and see if I have any of your wants.

  • Independence Day Hat (2009 Quest) - 20k
    I can't trade the backpack or kick me sign atm because I'm not a member, sorry about that
    Pink Beta Cowboy Hat (Throwback HOST Hunt) - 800k or items on my list
    Fourth of July Baseball Cap (HOST Event) - 150k
    Fourth of July Streamer Hat - 80k
    I prefer not to break up costumes (tight rope walker)
    Blue Ghost Dragon Buns - 150k
    Village Beauty costume - 150k
    Red bow - 30k
    Cheep hat - 100k
    Blonde Ghost Dragon Buns - 150k
    Platinum Ghost Dragon Buns - 150k
    Brown Ghost Dragon Buns - 150k 
    Red Ghost Dragon Buns - 150k
    Thing 1 & 2 Costume - 100k
    Pink Long Ghost Dragon Hair - 150k
    Blue Blob costume - 150k
    don't think I can trade predead bride, Sally, or yellow Belle costume
    Original Candy Bucket - 1 mill or items on my list
    Olympic Flame - 500k or items on my list
    TV (2008 Quest) - 125k each
    Ghost Dragon Castle Mirror - 100k
    10th Anniversary Gold Lava - 1 mill or items on my list
    Treasure Hunter Antique braids - an ice each or items on my list
  • do u have extra flying witch pins

  • Pancakez said:

    do u have extra flying witch pins

    i don’t sorry girl

  • Zoee,

    I am interested in the lifeguard pin, the pirate (I think its antique) pin, and the easter cheep nest hat. Please let me know how much. :) 
  • hi zoee!

    i am interested in the shark from this past host event - not the fin. How much for it?  thanks!



  • @mamasama I can do 100k for it!
  • Hey @Zoee ! How much for:

    Ice peacock
    Blue lamp x2 (picture selling5)
    Blue triangle thing x2 (selling8)
    Yeti (selling14)
    Fire Marshmallow Hat (selling19)



  • Are the Ghost Dragon Buns still available or did you trade them?? 
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
  • @HoneyBee Hi!
    I’m looking to get 600k for the ice peacock
    3k per blue lamp
    20k per blue triangle thing
    100k for yeti
    20k for fire marshmallow hat

    @Raven_Of_Asgard I believe I still have them
  • Great! Would you be willing to take 500k for all of them? I can do 600 if not :)
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
  • @Raven_Of_Asgard It's been brought to my attention that those hairs are worth more than I was initially asking for

    I have "Ocean Ombre"; "Blonde"; "Dark Brown"; and "Red" left and I would be looking to get 400k per hair
  • Also how much for:

    Blue walls in selling5
    Tiles in selling6
    Saturn Chair
    Doll/scarecrow in selling1
    Sign next to that in selling1
    Antique Moon bed in selling1
    Silver space wall pieces in selling4

    I'm still looking at my credit situation to see what i can afford from the last comment lol. Thanks!


  • @HoneyBee
    2k per blue wall
    3k per tile
    50k Saturn chair
    100k Scarecrow
    50k sign
    750k antique moon bed
    3k per space wall
  • updated; bump
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