Trading a bunch of Antiques

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I have decided to trade a lot of my antiques, but only for items high on my priority list. I have my wants under the "Spoiler" tab.
*Please keep in mind that some items are worth more than others. With that in mind, don't hesitate to make an offer! I will let you know my thoughts and we can try to adjust it if necessary.

Antiques for Trade:


If you prefer a list:

Potion Cabinet - Antique
Library Bookcase - Antique
Pegasus Statue - Antique
Tiger Sketch - Antique
Haunted Painting - Queen of Hearts - Antique
Grand Hotel Poster - Antique
Witch Cupboard - Antique
Chair of Books - Antique
Frankenstein Bust - Antique
Witches Crow - Antique
Explorer Side Table - Antique
Explorer Chair with Books - Antique
Explorer Telescope - Antique
Explorer Globe - Antique
Triceratops Skull - Antique
Sewer Rat Prop - Antique
Alchemist Scale - Antique
Laughing Skeleton - Antique
Haunted Floor Mirror - Antique
Haunted Toxic Coffin - Antique
Reanimated Grabbing Zombie - Active Object - Antique
Halloween Purple Candycorn Chair - Antique
Curious Explorer Rug - Round - Antique
(x2) Curious Explorer Rug - Antique
(x2) Curious Ornate Rug - Antique
(x4) Antique Shop 2018 Tee-Shirt - Girl - Antique
Inventor - Hair - Strawberry Blonde - Girl - Antique
Inventor - Hair - Black - Girl - Antique
Inventor - Hair - Brown - Girl - Antique
Inventor - Hair - Teal - Boy - Antique

Looking For:

The more stars (*) = the most wanted








  • I am interested in:
    --Pegasus Statue - Antique
    --Haunted Harp - Antique

    Unfortunately, I do not have any of your wants. Would you be willing to trade these for anything else?
  • Only looking for items pictured.
  • If I could get a maid duster, would you do that?
  • @Holden i would do the harp for duster but i value pegasus more.
  • do you still need the boys' ghost rider hair?
  • @Holden I do, but only the Pale Purple. Except, I wouldn't trade antiques for it. I am strictly looking to trade my antiques for the items I listed in my post.
  • Okay. Thanks anyway! Happy Thanksgiving :)
  • I have an Ocean Orca Pin if you still need that. :)
  • I am interested in:

    Haunted Painting - Queen of Hearts - Antique
    Haunted Harp - Antique
    Chess Stool - Antique
    Chess Table - Antique
    Grendel's Claw - Crystal Ball - Antique
    Curious Wall Clock - Antique
    Curious Explorer Rug - Round - Antique (1 light, 1 dark)

    I can offer:
    2x 2011 Crossword Puzzle Pin
    1x Ghostly Ghost Pin
    1x Galactic Pin I - Shooting Stars
    2x Dolphin Pin
    1x Pufferfish Pin
    1x Moon Kitty Pin
    2x Solar Eclipse Pin

    lmk your thoughts!  thanks!  :)


  • thank you for the trade! :)


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    Victorian Christmas Tree - Antique
    Boy Leading Giraffe Pull Toy - Antique
    Metallic Christmas Presents - Antique
    Miniature Christmas Village - House - Green - Antique

    for my Carry Sheep LMK
  • ty for the trade. updated, bump
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